Prior to packaging & shipping each unit is approved by our Quality Assurance Personnel. Each completed product is transferred to a pallet or crate depending on the proper protection for transportation. All products are affixed with a 4” x 4” bar-coded label made of polyester and attached with maximum strength adhesive in order to withstand extreme outdoor conditions in the field.

Each bar-code is embedded with data that facilitates the receiving process after delivery. The data mostly includes:
· Client Name or Reference
· Purchase Order Number
· Client Item Number
· Client Mark Number in Barcode (Internationally recognized code 128, ASCII characters)
· Unit’s Brief Description
· Klemco Order Number
· Client Contact Information if he required

Once all appropriate packaging preparations have been made the Klemco shipping department will contact his own CHA or the client’s authorized shipper and arrange for pickup.


Threaded rod is a particularly difficult product to handle, so KLEMCO gives special attention to packing and container loading.

By working together with our customers and understanding their issues in unloading, storing and distributing threaded rod, we have developed several packing styles that enable our products to be handled safely and efficiently. All packing styles feature manageable weights in secure packaging with clear labelling. Solid wooden packaging materials are fumigated accordingly.

All orders are loaded into sea containers on-site at our factory – not at some bulk warehouse at the port – and we can therefore ensure products are packed carefully and securely into the containers, so that consignments arrive at their destination in top condition for trouble-free unloading.


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